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Objectives for Our Students
* To develop a knowledge, understanding, skill and appreciation of theory and practice within the industry. To develop habits of doing things properly in the interest of safety, disinfecting, and personal hygiene for one's self as well as for others.

* To develop habits of good workmanship and the orderly performance of the various tasks performed in a salon or school.

* To impart the knowledge of and develop the technical skills required in the practice of beauty culture.

* To learn to select wisely, care for and use properly, the commercial products that are related to the industry.

* To encourage growth and the desire to keep abreast of the new and unique developments in the industry.

* To encourage the student to strive for the establishment of methodical habits of performance.

* To encourage ideals and attitudes of willingness to cooperate with employer, employees, and clients.

* To develop an appreciation of the scientific contributions of the program of the industry.

* To develop the required knowledge and skills to prepare for State Board of Examinations in order to obtain a license to practice in the industry.
Our Goals for Our Students
Our goal for you as a student is to give you the basics of what will be expected of you in the real world. Not only do we train in the areas most apparent at a beauty college, but we also encourage you to receive 10% of your training in salons outside the school, giving you some of that "real world" experience. Throughout the course of the year we schedule field trips to local salons where students can learn techniques and get special instruction from true professionals. We schedule many guest speakers from the industry during the year, including representatives from Redken, our exclusive color supplier.

For those students with a competitive edge we also proudly participate in a yearly Cosmetology competition. SkillsUsa is a competition which involves cosmetology programs statewide. In past competitions we have had students place in all three top positions, with two of those student receiving first place and moving on to the national competition, held annually in Kansas City, MO.
Choose Your Career
At Shelton Beauty College the choice is yours! We offer four different programs. Any of these courses can easily be completed within a year and you can be on your way to starting your career! We offer the following program options:

* Cosmetology 1640 hours (approx. 12 months)

* Barbering 1000 hours (approx. 7 months)

* Manicuring 600 hours (approx. 5 months)

* Instructor Training 500 Hours (approx.3 months)
Occupational Opportunities
There are many occupational opportunities available to individuals licensed in the various fields of cosmetology. Some of which are, but not limited to: Field Consultant for major beauty product lines, Platform Artist, Professional Beauty Equipment Sales, Salon Manager or Owner, Cosmetologist, Barber, and Nail Technician. The beauty industry is a large, vast field with many opportunities available to the licensed individual. You are limited only by your own initiative.
Tuition is affordable and competitive. You will find our courses surprisingly inexpensive compared too many other schools. Monthly payment plans are available. Ask us how to qualify for a tuition discount. Quality Beauty College does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, ethnic origin, or age.
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Returning Students
In life, sometimes things happen that can be out of our control. Often times at the schools we see students start a program only to have to leave part way through, because of circumstances beyond their control. Or maybe a student just wasn't ready to commit to finishing the program.
Either way, we want you to know, if you once took classes at one of our schools, we have your records on file. By law we need to keep those records for a minimum of three years. However, I understand the importance of keeping these records for as long as possible, for the benefit of the students. So, we keep records of all the former students, permanently.
If you are interested in restarting the program or if you have hours with another school that we can confirm, we would be happy to discuss your enrollment. Please call us or use the email link at the bottom of the page to contact us.